Anaba’s dismissal from Ridge Inappropriate – Segbefia

Former Health Minister Alex Segbefia has  charged  government to  be transparent on the dismissal of the Medical Director of the Ridge Hospital, Dr.Thomas Anaba.

Dr. Anaba has vowed to remain at post in clear defiance of health minister Kwaku Agyeman Manu’s orders to proceed on an indefinite leave.

Anaba who was appointed in 2016 has been given his marching orders three years short of the expiration of his contract.

The physician  is challenging the  basis for his dismissal, saying reason has been adduced for the decision against him.

Commenting on the matter,  Former Health Minister Alex Segbefia told Starr News the dismissal is inappropriate.

“You will have to do it in a manner which was more transparent, it show possibly some level of distaste.  If you give someone two hours to vacate his office, I don’t think it’s appropriate even if the vacation is right you would have to give some level of time for the vacation of office to take place but the question is; it right”.



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