‘Gucci’ lands Oge Okoye into trouble

Entertainment of Saturday, 18 March 2017

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OgeguffAAAOge Okoye

Oge Okoye seems to be getting it really hot these days with her angry fans after the dog stealing scandal earlier this month.

What might have aggravated her being trolled the more might be the fact that she had intentionally kept mute about the whole scandal.

The light skin actress who have been moving on like nothing happened, recently posted a picture holding a black handbag with ‘Gucci’ boldly written over it.

This got some fans angry as they lashed out at her saying if she could steal pictures of dogs that are not hers and claim of buying them, then her Gucci was fake.

Some demanded receipts to believe she had indeed purchased the original high-end product and not the Aba version.

Like usual, Oge Okoye kept silent through it all, as she didn’t mention a word neither did she disable her comment section like some would do.

Source: GhanaGuru.com

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