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I am yet to meet the man who has no problems yet. It would be such an honor to encounter anyone on the surface of this Earth who has nothing on their mind that bothers them.

A son wants to please his father with his grades while his father wants to please his boss at work.

His boss wants to please his employer when his employer is also doing everything possible to please his wife. Mind you, his wife is also trying to please her children who in turn need to please their father.

Every head has a headache!

In this life of competition, worry may never be a thing of the past. Inasmuch as we all want to be better people, our lives won’t ever be far from problems. Each day has its own headaches it comes along with.

Utilities are not getting any cheaper while our salaries are not getting any bigger. Our competitors are getting stronger when our clients are not growing any bigger. Life is one hell of a problem galore!

This irony called life. Some good men marry bad spouses while some good women never find good men, no matter how hard they try. Those we trust disappoint us and those who are supposed to trust us, at least, don’t even give a hoot about us. Good spouses are ditched and good businesses run into irreparable losses.

Every head has a headache!

Every person walking the length and breadth of this Earth has a problem sitting on their mind. We all are wearing masks that make it seem all is well. Our make-ups cover our weary faces…but only for a moment. Our masks hide the thorns we are walking on… but only temporarily. The question is… if no head is without a headache, why should suicide be an option for others?

Life is like attending school. You always think your friends’ schools are the best until they open up! In this life, you think your problems are the weightiest until another gives you just a gist of what is sitting on their head. You always think you have tasted life’s bitterest potions until you ask another how life has treated them, too. Nowhere cool!

Those you wish to be like somewhat wish to be like you, too. You wish to have had their money but they wish to have had your wealth of a health. You wish to have had their luxurious house but they wish to have had your peaceful home. You wish to have had a husband like theirs but they wish you knew what you were wishing for!

Listen, my dear. Quitting life is not the solution to your challenges. Taking away your life is cowardice… not the answer to your problems. Life is like boxing. The best boxers are those who fight to the end… not those who throw in the towel too soon. Face your fears. Be anxious for nothing!

Suicide doesn’t end our problems. It starts them. Suicide is a baton of pain. You only hand over the depression to your loved ones and family. You only transfer the broken-heartedness to your frail family.

You see, suicide is like lying. You think it ends the problem but actually, it worsens it. The shame. The disgrace. The debt of a funeral. The trauma you leave behind. The trails of fear those around you inherit. Suicide seems like a shortcut out of life but, in the end, it turns out to be the longest journey of a memory our friends and loved ones would need to travel.

Suicide is like a wave. It has rippling effects on those around the victim. Your family needlessly suffers for what they had no hand in. Don’t take your life. It doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to God. You belong to your family and loved ones. No problem is weighty enough to make you ever want to willfully walk down the grave. Your life is too precious to be wasted with suicide.

What happens to us is not as important as how we react to them. Almost every government owes yet doesn’t think suicide so why should you? You are not the first to be brokenhearted and you won’t be the last either.

You are not the first to fail in an exam and, trust me, there are several others who will fail after you. So… why do you think you deserve suicide more than anyone else?

We all have bad moments. We don’t win every time. We all have had a taste of bad experience. However, it’s not about how bad the experience is… but how bad your reaction may be. You can be a slave of your experience… or a master of it.

You decide. Your pain today can be humanity’s gain tomorrow. Take advantage of your experience instead of taking away your life. Overcome your bad experience and help others get out of theirs. Instead of being a slave of your past, be a master of your future.

Your hell of a headache is another’s heaven of a blessing. Your penury is another’s luxury. Be grateful to God!

You are not useless. Your life is not worthless. If you think your life is, give it away to volunteerism instead of giving it away to the grave. Suicide is a dead end… not an escape route to life’s problems. Suicide is like a mirage. You think life is, at least, better at the other end… until you get there.

No matter how painful your headache is, tell God. Pray about it. When we tell God about our problems, it’s called prayers. When we tell men about it, it’s called worry. Pray. Don’t worry.

No head is without a headache. Even God has the headache of controlling stubborn creatures like us. Haha. Cheer up. Nowhere cool.

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. Get interactive with him on his Facebook page, Kobina Ansah.


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