Industry insider lists his problems with Guru’s performance at VGMA 2017 nominees jam

Entertainment of Thursday, 16 March 2017



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Showbiz observer Arnold Asamoah Baidoo in a recent submission on TV listed some of the issues he had observed with Guru’s VGMA 2017 Nominees Jam performance.

The opinionated journalist touching on the Samba hitmaker’s performance which happened last Saturday noted;

“Because of Guru, the guys were chanting B.A and hoisting NKZ flags, wearing the NKZ shirts and were ready for him and when he finally mounted the stage, he couldn’t fire.” He said on GhoneTV.

“Guru has a lot of hit songs but his problem is his ability to whip up a lot of interest from the crowd.

“His reaction or communication with the crowd is weak. He is unable to tell the crowd to raise their hands. He has no control on stage. He’s unable to inteact with the audience. That is one thing about a good performer. Samini was interacting with the crowd. If Guru could work on these things, he will be a great performer.

“Because he has hit songs but he seems to concerntrate on dropping the hits and running off the stage.”

Watch excerpts from the performance from below.


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