Sarkodie started the ‘beef’ with me – Quata

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Quata 7Quata

Rapper Quata claims the beef between himself and Sarkodie was initiated by the latter and not him contrary to popular belief.

He told Dr. Pounds on Hitz FM, his response isn’t a way for him to gain mainstream acclaim.

“If I were the first person who ‘diss’ him (Sarkodie) that means am using him to get back into the scene. But if me I dey my one corner and the person ‘diss’ me first, do you expect me to go and give him a cake saying Sarkodie thank you for dissing me and go home?” he asked.

“I am a beast emcee. I am a battle emcee, so when you come to my door knocking looking for trouble we will have trouble but if you are looking for respect, I will give that respect.”

Quata adds that the ‘beef’ is just a lyrical battle and not personal.


Quata released ‘Death To Sark,’ a response to Sarkodie days after the latter unveiled a new song ‘S.H.O.U.T.

The former felt a song was a direct response to recent interviews where he claimed Sarkodie was afraid to collaborate with him because he (Sarkodie) was scared.

Quata questioned Sarkodie’s lyrical abilities, asks him to stop copying Kanye West and admit that he was ‘murdered’ by M.anifest.

The song was preceded by a Facebook post: “Finally the Coward Sark, grew some balls to throw shots at me….interesting…. Time to bring Death to Sark and his whole crew…. Dedey bring me cow from North, make i cut in Beef give am…i dont think this weak ass mind is ready for this…Sarkodie cut wrong meat, but hego chop am……From da Beef Dr…Quata Budukusu”

A second diss song titled ‘Twist Lessons To Sark was released days after the first one. Quata made an attempt at teaching Sarkodie how to ‘twist.’ He also questioned why Sark didn’t respond to his earlier diss song.


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