Why Ghanaian musician M3nsa cut off his dread locks

Entertainment of Tuesday, 14 March 2017

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M3nsa DreadlockM3nsa

It takes a lot of time and patience to wear and keep clean dread locks but little did we know a little ‘competition’ could get it off. Yes, just a little!!

Many, have worn ‘dreads’ as we often say simply because of fashion, others because of their religion and others because of their chosen careers but for Ghanaian musician M3nsa, none of the stated reasons inspired his ‘dreads’.

For him, it was simply a matter of denying some barbers some cool dollars just like E.L revealed in an interview some time ago on BTM Afrika.

Speaking to Kleff Maxwell J. on Hitz FM, the Number 1 Mango Street hit maker and a member of the FOKN Bois revealed he grew the dread locks of out being tired on spending money at barbershops.

“My dreadlocks came as a result of me tired of spending at barbershops so I was like OK, it’s easy to just let my hair grow, then my hair started growing too fast.”

Now for a simple reason as this, that means anything could also get the dreads off and that’s exactly what happened.

A competition over soup got the dreads off, LOL.

Yes, M3nsa couldn’t stand his hair falling into his soup anytime he bent his head down to eat.

According to him, “When I bend my head to drink soup then my hair falls inside the soup so I was like nah mehn, you have served your purpose so I had to cut my hair. That was the only reason because two times my hair fell in my soup and I was like nah nah nah, I’m not competing with my hair for food so it’s nothing serious”

Source: GhanaGuru.com

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