TOR GRA Collection Point has no internet connection

Business News of Monday, 27 February 2017



Ghana Revenue Authority

The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) office at the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) has no internet connection to enhance revenue collection and being up-to-date with the operations of their stakeholders.

In the Greater Accra Region, the TOR GRA comes next to the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA), when it comes to revenue collection.

The TOR GRA collects indirect taxes from oil marketing companies, and some of the taxes it collects include TOR Debt Recovery Levy, Road Fund Levy, Special Petroleum Tax and Energy Fund Levy.

Mr Opoku Kwarteng, the new Chief Revenue Collector at the TOR GRA Collection, disclosed this to a section of the media in an interview, after a brief pulling out ceremony to see off Mr. Felix Dellor, his predecessor, on the forecourt of TOR.

He said: “Not only does my Collection need internet connection, but internet with a high speed to enhance work efficiency and output.” The TOR GRA Collection has been unable to work effectively, due to the internet connection the office did not have, he explained.

“The TOR GRA collects huge revenues for the state, and so if our office cannot boast of internet connectivity, I am sorry, we cannot work efficiently in tracking and keeping up-to-date records.”

A couple of challenges, he mentioned, were how under-staffed his outfit was, and vehicles the Collection did not have to reach out to their stakeholders on a regular basis to improve on efficiency.

Mr. Kwarteng entreated his superiors to provide a permanent office accommodation for the TOR GRA Collection point, explaining that albeit the staff is few; their present office is too small to contain them.

Continuing, he said his outfit would educate their stakeholders – oil marketing companies – on the need to pay all taxes they collect on petroleum products in time.

“The oil marketing companies are to pay the taxes monthly, however, some withhold the payment for months, and that is a challenge I will confront head on.”

Opoku Kwarteng commended his predecessor for his commitment and dedication to service in the face of the numerous challenges the TOR GRA Collection was faced with.

The predecessor, Felix Dellor, was Assistant Commissioner of the GRA at TOR for two and half years, in addition to serving the authority for thirty years in different capacities with diligence and commitment,

In his brief speech, Felix Dellor said the TOR GRA Collection point ought to be better resourced with more staff, following its enormous task.

About 250 companies transact business with the TOR GRA Collection, and considering the enormity of their duty, Mr Dellor explained that the GRA would have to provide more hands and logistics.

He said the Collection worked fifteen hours because of the few staff, “and I pray that the GRA would consider increasing the staff, so that the TOR GRA Collection would run a shift for effective collection and better service delivery.”

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