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Entertainment of Monday, 27 February 2017



Shatta Wale has released a ‘diss’ track in response to a challenge by rapper Yaa Pono.

The song, titled Say Fi, was released by the dancehall artiste on Monday, 27 February via a live Facebook video.

“Let me show people how to do ‘diss’ songs commercially,” the award-winning controversial musician further stated in an Instagram post suggesting that the song might be released soon.

The beef between Yaa Pono and Shatta Wale began when the former was prevented from performing at a show at the Cape Coast Stadium where Shatta Wale was the headline act.

Yaa Pono later suggested in the media he was not allowed to come on stage because he would have stolen Shatta Wale’s shine.

Julio Olympio, Shatta Wale’s manager, in response to Yaa Pono’s claim, posted on Facebook and explained why Yaa Pono did not perform at the show.

“How many times do we stand still and watch organisers mess up with the brand… Why do we always have to go on stage at 4am…when our fans arrive at 6pm…? We expect them to stand from 6pm to 4am before they watch their king perform… You give us 12pm then we always have to compromise and allow every act to go on stage and the excuse is: ‘We’ve been trying to reach them but they aren’t picking their calls…’ Our road manager is always at the venue from 6pm coordinating and waiting for organisers to give us the green light… Shatta has made it a point to suggest Yaa Pono anytime event organisers ask which act he wants on his platform so why this unnecessary rants…when clearly it’s either your road manager isn’t working with time? Or rather direct your rants to the producers of the event… Same thing happened in Abetifi… Unnecessary, Unnecessary, Unnecessary hype ….” the post read.

Yaa Pono, shortly after the post, took to Instagram and challenged anyone to disrespect him in a live video or say “fi”.

Entertainment fans inferred Yaa Pono’s message was directed at Shatta Wale.

Since then, fans of Yaa Pono have been taunting Shatta Wale on social media to say “fi” if he was not scared of Yaa Pono, following which the self-acclaimed dancehall king took to Facebook to taunt Yaa Pono in a live video.

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