Ghana’s Districts League Table 2016

Map of districts in Ghana

Increased accountability between decision-makers and citizens is crucial in Ghana for improving both the demand for and the supply of quality public services. The District League Table is an independent tool for promoting social accountability.

It is produced on an annual basis by UNICEF Ghana and the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

The District League Table 2016 marks the third year since initial publication and much has changed, in terms of the index itself and the impact that the District League Table has made on raising accountability for development across the country.

Since the launch of last year’s District League Table, we have engaged with key stakeholders at the national and regional levels across the country, talking with policymakers, local government staff and citizen groups to understand how they have been using the District League Table to create change.

We have listened to feedback and ideas on how to improve the District League Table and gathered stories and information on how it is being used to generate debate and accountability for improving wellbeing across the country.

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