Suspect Escapes Death Narrowly; Mob Beat Resident For Taking Video

The suspect pleading for mercy

But for the timely intervention of some Police personnel passing by, a young man believed to be in his late 20s would have been lynched in the early hours of Wednesday March 22 for stealing a motor bike.

Some eyewitnesses identified him as a hardened criminal who has been arrested several times by the Police and comes out to continue stealing motor bikes and terrorizing traders in the night and even during the day time.

He escaped death narrowly from the hands of angry mob at Tindonmolgo, a suburb of Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region with lots of cuts on his head from sharp objects and clubs.

The suspect’s face and body were also covered with his blood and could hardly walk nor run away from the mob, when the Police Officers came to his rescue. Earlier the young man ran into a shop to avoid being beaten, but had to run out when the mob tried to set the shop ablaze.

His beating follows a recent one in Ashanti Region where a lady believed to have stolen some money from a Trader, which the Police say they are investigating.

The angry mob also pounced on a young man who was seen taking video of the mob’s attempts to kill the thief before the Police arrived. They beat him up and smashed his phone, to avoid getting their images into the hands of the Police for investigation.

In recent times, thieves have taken over many suburbs of the Bolgatanga Municipality and robbing people at gun point and with knives at night and even day time.

Not a single days passes without hearing reports of stealing, especially snatching of a motor bikes in the Bolgatanga Municipality, it therefore would surprise many when thieves are lynched when caught in the act.

-Ebo Bruce Quansah, Tindonmolgo

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