Achimota Golf Club Trains GIS Students

Ghana International School (GIS) in collaboration with the Achimota Golf Club (AGC) has launched an after-school Golf Development Programme as part of the School’s many non-academic offerings.

The programme is an addition to the School’s regular sports offerings such as basketball, soccer, swimming, table tennis, handball, athletics (track & field) and hockey. It is expected to make the sport more accessible and introduce students to another international sport with associated health benefits. This is in line with the School’s Mission:

‘To provide an internationally diverse school experience that instills an understanding of each other, promotes holistic development, life skills and learning through a rigorous curriculum that meets international standards’.

Recently a selected group of pioneering students and staff were taken through introductory drills, aided by coaches of the world class facility. The project seeks to inculcate discipline into the students at a young age. Though a relatively new sport in the country, it was one great spectacle, as these young players put up a tremendous display, exhibiting commendable skills.

The participants will continue with weekly training sessions during the academic year as a build up to the School’s first Golf Tournament in April.

The Achimota Golf Club and Ghana International School’s hope for the future is that as participants are trained and nurtured in a positively competitive sports environment, the next generation of global citizens will be adequately prepared to play in future championships both locally and internationally.

An instructor taking the kids through a teeing off session

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