#SONA 2017: What Ghanaians are saying on social media

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo delivered his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) before Parliament on Tuesday.

The address highlighted the state of Ghana’s economy, education, security and how his administration plans are on fixing some of the challenges facing the country.

Ghanaians have been sharing their views on the 2017 SONA.

Read some of the tweets below:


It appears my friends on the minority side have a problem with facts. – @NAkufoAddo #SONA2017


— YAKUBU SUFYAN (@Soulja_gh) February 21, 2017


We all knew it’ll take tough decisions to help Ghana, JM took alot them. NADAA should spare us. aaah well, what do i know? #SONA2017

— Sabtiya Abubakar (@emeraldsabtiya) February 21, 2017


National debt GHc 122 BILLION after 8 years of John 3:16 #SONA2017 pic.twitter.com/CDB1ktVpqh

— ?scar (@MensahOscar) February 21, 2017


Its obvious how the #SONA2017 by @NAkufoAddo is trending on social media. Spectacular one of course pic.twitter.com/1EZaj9h3MH

— smaila ansah (@mylo_melo) February 21, 2017


More than a dozen times over. What would be more interesting would be an insight into who the creditors are and how it was spent #SONA2017 https://t.co/jEpRZSye4S

— mrquaicoe (@mrquaicoe) February 21, 2017


Good job done by Eugene Arhin and his team. #SONA2017 was on point. Now we are forced to discuss the issues and not the trivialities.

— Samuel Fahren Otoo (@samuelotoo) February 21, 2017


@NAkufoAddo i hope it comes to pass. #SONA2017

— #WaakyeisBae™♥ (@nanA_AntWi_) February 21, 2017


Education and agriculture are definitely great long term solutions, but they both take INVESTMENT upfront. Budget will tell more. #SONA2017 https://t.co/MspBJ6DKqw

— Kajsa Hallberg Adu (@kajsaha) February 21, 2017


I wish NPP realized they are now in POWER and can affect CHANGE beyond #SONA2017 #SOTNGhana https://t.co/7uT7605dZp

— Kajsa Hallberg Adu (@kajsaha) February 21, 2017


Now they are telling us we didn’t hear NADAA well. aah well, what do i know #SONA2017

— Sabtiya Abubakar (@emeraldsabtiya) February 21, 2017


Retweeted Ghana??Television (@GBC_Ghana):

So sad our president didn’t include the payment of TV License fees in his address.?#SONA2017

— quame (@kwamekontoh) February 21, 2017


#PoG>(#TheManInAHurry) #SONA2017 revelations>missing #GH7Bn spending outside budget.Gh Stats Service & #NDC pls answer.We tired of pro’ganda

— Maurice E Lifematter (@maurelliag) February 21, 2017


I will not allow this economy to collapse under my watch.. H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo #SONA2017

— Wilfred D Boachie (@wdboachie) February 21, 2017


I was not elected by the majority of Ghanaians to complain,I was elected to get things done..H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo #SONA2017

— Wilfred D Boachie (@wdboachie) February 21, 2017


Nana Addo is the President we have been searching for since since, noe we have him. Ghana will be a better place soon#SONA2017 @NAkufoAddo

— Q U E S T (@thekwekugyan_03) February 21, 2017


A new Ghana where we are masters of our destinies… A Ghana beyond Aid. HE NADAA. #SONA2017

— King Jeff ?? (@BenjaminJeff1) February 21, 2017


#SONA2017 u r the bossman,so pls get to work @nakuffoaddo nt elected 2 complain bt 2 fix these problems #Now.#Ghana60YearsOn deserves better

— Maurice E Lifematter (@maurelliag) February 21, 2017


Nana Addo didn’t say a SINGLE WORD about SPORTS in his 1st #SONA2017 as Ghana’s Prez.??????

— Justice Dadzie (@jaymelvin98) February 21, 2017


@NAkufoAddo #SONA2017 Mr President you did extremely well today and I’m very proud to be a Ghanaian. Lead us well in His name.#APROUDGHANAIN

— Kwaku Oak (@kwaku_oak) February 21, 2017


Does getting #ECG and #GridCo listed on the GSE equals privatising these state institutions?#SoNA2017

— Kojoga Aziedu (@CartiousAziedu) February 21, 2017


Plenty English the President of Ghana talk #SONA2017.how can the ordinary Ghanaian on the streets understand. #MotherLanguageDay @tv3_ghana

— Eye Report (@Yarquah1on1) February 21, 2017


The senior NDC MPs where putting down notes as if they had exams tomorrow ??? #SONA2017

— Halimatu Sadia (@emprezz4real) February 21, 2017





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