Nzema chiefs kick against Akufo-Addo nominee for Ghana Gas CEO

At least seven Paramount Chiefs in the Western Region have opposed President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s nominee for Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company.

The chiefs at a press conference held Saturday registered their dissatisfaction with the appointment of Dr Ben Asante to replace the former boss Dr George Sipa Yankeh who resigned on February 1.

“Our appeal against the processing, declaration and confirmation of the nominee Dr. Ben Asante…is informed by extensive social intelligence gathered,” they said.

The chiefs who come from different traditional areas in Nzema have suggested Professor Sagary Nokoe whom they believe is competent to improve the fortunes of the company.

Chairman of the Nzema Manle Traditional Council, Awulae Angama Tuagyan II who read the statement on behalf of his colleagues said they would prefer Professor Nokoe because his strengths based on his “outstanding contributions to the development of the country both local, regional, national and international” supersede that of Dr Asante.      

They were forthright that the move by President Akufo-Addo to give leadership of the Ghana Gas Company to Dr Asante would be bad for government.

“We strongly hope that the consideration of Professor Kaku Sagary Nokoe as presented to you by the Nzema Maanle Council of Chiefs will become a referential landmark for the needed further support to your administration,” they said.

Dr Asante was appointed as a caretaker of the Ghana National Gas Company (Ghana Gas) on January 30 two days to the end of Dr Sipa-Yankey’s tenure.

By the nature of his appointment, he was asked to act in the position until a substantive CEO is announced. He was directed to take any decision that has policy implications for government.

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