Fire Service sets 3-week deadline to sanction fire offenders in Ashanti region

The Ghana National Fire Service has served notice it will sanction offenders of fire safety regulations as personnel begin enforcement operation in the Ashanti Region.

Officials say owners and proprietors, especially, of commercial property who fail to adhere to prescribed requirements could face prosecution.

Regional Fire Commander, Semekor Fiadzo, indicates the service has given more than enough grace period for both private and public establishments to comply with the law.

Property, including schools, is required under the Fire Precautions Premises Regulation, LI 1724 of 2003, to apply for and secure safety permits.

Per the law property developers must ensure fire safety measures are included in their building drawings and acquire fire safety certificates after construction.

These have however been flouted with impunity.          

Mr. Fiadzo tells journalists it is time for the service to crack the whip on recalcitrant offenders.  Filling stations would be the first target.

“Three weeks from now, we are going to be ruthless irrespective of who you are. Once you are not fire  safety compliant, we will make sure that the law takes its course,” Mr. Fiadzo warned.

Out of 1, 271 fire incidents recorded in the region between January and November, last year, 169 were commercial, up from 139 over the same period in 2015.

The Fire Service has initiated a sensitization program as part of Fire Safety Week.

Personnel are distributing flyers, alongside public education on fire prevention, especially, at market centers.

Mr. Fiadzo hopes challenges to fire safety would be addressed when the Home Fire Safety Certification Bill is passed into law.




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