Don’t engage in sex after donating blood

Persons who have been kind to show love by donating blood today-Valentine’s day with the plans to later have a romantic time with their partners have been strongly advised not to engage in sex.

The Volta Regional Blood Donor Recruiter, Vincent Kwasi Fekpe said it is dangerous for donors to engage in sex bouts as it could endager the life of the donor. 

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the 6th edition of MTN Foundation’s blood donation exercise in the Volta regional capital Ho, he explained that “you need enough energy for sex and after donating blood your energy level reduces”.

He further explained that “after donating blood, the level of red blood cells in your body reduces which affects how much oxygen that will be brought into the body. Tthis affects the level of energy produced in the body.”

“You can collapse, get extremely weak or dizzy when you have sex or engage in any hard work after donating blood,” he warned.

MTN Foundation aims to collect and stock the National and Regional Blood Banks with 2017 pints of blood from its ’12 bleeding centres’ nationwide in commemoration of the foundation’s 10 years anniversary.

The Foundation has therefore encouraged the citizenry to donate blood to save lives since the National and Regional Blood Banks suffer perennial blood shortage.

The foundation also implored citizens to take advantage of the health benefits of donating blood – that is reducing the risk of heart and liver ailments – and donate blood to stock the Blood banks nationwide.


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