Photos: Patrons drool over Home Affairs’ “You Are the One” programme

It was a night of bliss! That clearly sums up ‘You Are The One’ pre-valentine event put together by Ghana’s number one family programme on Joy FM, Home Affairs.

The event, organised in collaboration with Hillburi in Aburi, was the perfect platform for couples to answer the all important question whether they are truly the love in the lives of their partners.

A well-lit ambiance, good music, good food and talk gave the perfect warm up to February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Participants got the opportunity to play adult games as well as take a dive in the pool for a spot of night swimming. Some took part in a special dancing competition and karaoke.

Couples reaffirmed their love for each other; some engaged in Pick and Act, with people going on their knees and proposing to their partners all over again; some also kissed passionately while others shared their love experiences.                  

Saturday’s event organised by the Home Affairs team in conjunction with others, achieved one key target which is to strengthen relationships and make homes out of houses.

The highlight of the event was when James Ebo Whyte, CEO of Roverman Productions and the host of Food For Thought on Joy FM gave a talk on the theme: ‘Are you having good sex?’.

The renowned playwright noted that good sex in marriage hinges on a good relationship between the couple.

He urged men to be good listeners in marriage. He warned that, when a woman tells a man issues she has with her boss, the man should not attempt to give any solution.

“When she is stressed, create an environment for her to talk. You can let her put her head on you,” he advised and added that, “She will reward you” for that.

The playwright observed that, men deal with issues differently from women and therefore warned men not to apply the same method of addressing issues with their wives.

Men should learn to apologise for mistakes because “Women know how to fight”.

Several patrons, who spoke to Joy News after the event, expressed their sincere appreciation to the organisers for a well-thought-through pre-valentine’s day event.

According to them, the night gave them a unique opportunity to bond with their partners and also have a good night.

“It was simply a night of bliss,” a couple said.



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