Parliamentary Candidate Knocked Out Of DCE Shortlist; Group Angry

Thomas Duanab Wuni, NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Talensi

A group of New Patriotic Party members referring to themselves as Youth, Polling Station Executives and Coordinators of the Party, in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region, have expressed worry over the shortlist of DCE nominees from the Regional Executives.

According to the group, the shortlist forwarded to the National level after the Regional vetting, does not represent the expectation of many residents, especially Party supporters.

“We, the youth and supporters of the New Patriotic Party are worried, ashamed, scandalized and above all, disappointed with the manner in which the vetting was done at the Regional level, with regards to the selection of who becomes the DCE of the Talensi District.

We are therefore as a matter of urgency, advising the National and Regional Executives of the Party to take steps and correct this anomaly with all the seriousness that it deserves, otherwise, the Party cannot survive our venom.”

The group members are of the view that, people who committed resources and energy towards the activities of the Party at all levels and also exhibited high level of competence, have cruelly been cleared off the list and rather opportunities have been given to persons who some influential people in the Party can “control” in the event that any of them become the DCE for Talensi.

“Mr. Alibo who was born and bred in the Party was notoriously treated at the Regional level. What is even shocking is the fact that, our astute, brave and indefatigable Parliamentary Candidate in the December 7, Thomas Duanab Wuni, who also led the Party during the bye-election, was also treated unfairly. … if we may ask, what wrong did they do to be treated this way?”

The group described the decision that led to the shortlist for the Talensi District as cancerous for the Party, adding, “… the earlier the Party at the National level corrects this unfortunate happening, the better for all of us. If we may ask, what criteria did they use for the vetting that Thomas Duanab Wuni and Mr. Alibo Robert did not qualify?”

They advised the Party leadership, not to take the feelings and loyalty of members at the grassroots for granted and later come down to apologize, when matters get out of hand.

“It will interest you to know that, during the vetting of the five candidates at the Constituency level, Thomas Duanab Wuni, had the highest votes. … the multi-million dollar question is; if Thomas Duanab Wuni wasn’t a popular and suitable candidate at the constituency, how did he get the highest votes?”

Contrary to suspicions, the group announced that, they were not fighting for Thomas Duanab Wuni, neither is he their favourite candidate, but then, they are looking at the chances of the Party towards 2020 victory in the Talensi constituency.

From: Ebo Bruce Quansah, Bolgatanga

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