NSIAH ASANTE on Criss Waddle’s Deserted Look at his Own Wedding

Is that the Criss Waddle we all know? Was he forced? Was he doing it to really cover up the fact, if really it is a fact, that he is gay? Was it even a wedding? I was actually waiting for someone to tell me it was a video-shoot and Truth be told, I wouldn’t have bought into it if Paedae had not tweeted it.

I saw few photos from Criss Waddle’s wedding and honestly, he looked dry and with no life.  I presume those photos are the best ones yet, and indeed if that be the case, I really do pity his new wife. More often than not, when a man looks this dry on his wedding day, it usually is one of two things-that he is broke or was forced to marry.

With Waddle, I really don’t know what to think than to deliberate on a few things.

July last year, I posted an article on NsromaMedia.Com in which one of Waddle’s closest friends, Nana Yaw Opoku, aka Junior, came out with a revelation that indeed Criss Waddle has a ‘gay’ marriage with Showboy in the States. That was not the first time hearing something like that, so coming from an insider, I saw some truth in it.

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show boy gay

If you really know the relationship between Waddle, Showboy and Junior, you will find no reason to doubt him. If you really have seen photos of Showboy, you wont be wrong to tag him as gay, of course, in my case, I give room for contemplation. So my point from this discussion is to say that I strongly believe Criss Waddle is gay, or bisexual at best.

Following from that revelation, Criss Waddle later shared a photo with his mother and he was trying to make a point that mummy needs him to settle down. Well, if mummy knew about his private life, she probably wouldn’t have put her son in that position.

Five months later and Criss Waddle is having a wedding- although I still insist that is no wedding. Now, from this photo, I don’t see any connection. It is as though each one is for himself and Waddle wants to get over and done with this as quick as possible.

Rate this photo of Waddle and compare it to his wedding photos.  Waddle looks great with his boys (his alleged spouse on his left) and from the picture alone, you can feel the life in him.

Truth is, that look is not something you can just change. It takes more than just pretense and there is no way of describing it. Check it for yourself and know that Waddle is not really happy with his new found marriage life. HE DID IT FOR MUMMY and that’s it!

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