Home Affairs show draws lovers closer with ‘You Are The One’ pre-valentine event

Ghana’s number one family programmes on Joy FM, Home Affairs, in collaboration with Hillburi in Aburi is organising a pre-valentine event dubbed ‘You Are The One.’

Lovers are invited to celebrate love in the company of other love-struck couples while they get the opportunity to wine and dine together.

The event by the Home Affairs production team which aims to strength relationships thus making homes out of houses comes off on Saturday, February 11 at 6:30 pm.

Participants also get the chance to play adult games as well as take a dive in the pool for a spot of night swimming and more.

The highlight of the event is when Head of Roverman Productions and the host of Rover Reports on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show discuss the number question in every relationship. 

Are you having good sex? Yes…? No…? Maybe…? Don’t miss the opportunity to learn to be better in your relationship.

Do not miss this opportunity to give your love a beautiful memory by joining the flagship programme add a value to your relationship.  

Show your lover you are the one by emailing homeaffairs@myjoyonline.com or call to make reservations on 0545700228.


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