This is how Kofi Adjorlolo Met his Young Wife-to-be, Victoria Mekpah


    You may have heard how Con. George Lutterodt made Kofi Adjorlolo’s young wife-to-be,  Victoria Lebene Mekpah, cry. Well, if you have not, here is the video:


    They have revealed that they had been dating for almost two years and that the wedding bells will definitely ring this year.

    Actress Victoria revealed that their first encounter was far from cordial and definitely not a case of love at first sight.

    “The first time we met was on a film set. Unfortunately for me, I was very late and Kofi wasted no time in condemning that in front of everyone. I realised I was the one at fault and from that time, I knew I had to act professionally and comport myself on set.

    “We met again on the sets of other movies and we began talking. We had respect for each other despite the age difference and the love grew from there,” Victoria said.

    According to her, being with Kofi, apart from the romantic angle, has also helped her improve her acting skills.

    “He has been an actor for many years and provides important tips for me when we are on set. Such tips and directions have gone a long way to make me a better actress,” Victoria said.

    The visibly excited couple who couldn’t keep their hands off each other in their public display of affection told Showbiz that despite being public figures, they both decided to keep the relationship under wraps and make sure they had a solid foundation before coming out publicly.

    “When you get into some of these relationships, you need to tread cautiously and make sure it is firm before proceeding,” Kofi said.

    Victoria, who is in her late 20s said that despite the age difference, there had not been any issues between them. Kofi is in his late 60s. “Age has never been an issue and that is the message we want to send across. We want to let people know and understand that love knows no boundaries and age is just a number,” Victoria said.

    Kofi confirmed Victoria’s assertion and added that he had already consulted his two children and they have both given him the go-ahead to continue dating Victoria and push on with their plans for marriage.

    Victoria revealed that she had already decided on what sort of wedding gown she wanted and everything was set for their wedding.

    In a second video, he hits hard at Jackie Appiah, Gifty Osei and Dumas. According to him, their marriages, if they do marry, are likely to fail.

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