Barclays Banks’ ‘Shared Growth’ programme takes shape to curb unemployment

Barclays Bank’s “Shared Growth” programme has supported the 1986 year group of the Wesley Girls High School to launch a mentorship series to assist young ladies in the second cycle institution.

This is to help them to take up entrepreneurship challenges after school.

The event launched at the School in the Central Region is also part of collaborative efforts by the bank and the old girls to empower the young ladies in taking certain challenges in life after school.

Students were taking through training programmes that are aimed to equip those who may be willing to enter into entrepreneurship after school.

The Barclays Shared Growth programme was an initiative by the Barclays bank to among other things help curb the high number of the unemployment rate in Ghana.

At the launch of the Mentorship programme, students were taking through some nonacademic skills training that will propel them to work on their own without relying on the public sector.

They were also exposed to some human managerial skills to make them masters of their own.

Managing Director of Barclays Bank who is also an Old Girl, Patience Akyianu in an interview with JOYBUSINESS noted that the bank will be focusing on human development through the shared programme this year.

“Our bank believes in giving back to society, so we are using the shared growth programme as part of our efforts to build society, learnt” she said.

National President of the 1986-year-old girls’ group, Brigitte Dzogbenuku spoke about the motivation behind the collaboration between the old girls and the Barclays Bank and explains that such programmes are needed to guide the young children in making life decisions after school.

Some of the students who participated in the programme also shared what they learned and expressed gratitude to the 86 old Girls and Barclays bank for such an initiative.



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