I Supported ‘Change’ Because Economy Was Bad – Actress Ella Mensah 

Ella Mensah

Actress Ella Mensah has said she supported the change agenda during Ghana’s December 2016 general polls.

Although the beautiful actress may not have mounted political platforms during the December polls, she was active campaigning for the change agenda because the economy was affecting her business adversely.

“Our economy was bad and it was really affecting us (Ghallywood). Most producers stopped producing and our movie market was terrible. So it was obvious change was needed,” she told NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo on Saturday.

Below is the full interview with Ella:

Did you vote during Ghana’s general election?

Yes, I voted during our election. In fact, I flew to Ghana just because of the election.

You supported the idea of ‘change’.

Yes, I supported the idea of change. Our economy was bad…and it was really affecting us (Ghallywood). Most producers stopped producing movie and our movie market was terrible. So it was obvious change was needed.

There is a current debate or storm over who should be the deputy Minister of Tourism & Creative Arts Ministry. Anyone in mind?

Yes, I heard about the debate, but honestly, I don’t have anyone in mind.

Will you nominate yourself?

No, I won’t nominate myself because I am busy doing my own thing.

There were names like Socrates Sarfo, Kojo Antwi, etc. Do you support any of them?

Socrates Sarfo and Kojo Antwi both deserve the opportunity, so may the best man win…I wish them luck.

What problem in the industry is a major concern to you? What solution do you suggest will mitigate it?

I think the major problem we have in our movie industry is that we don’t have funds…there is no money in our industry… A lot of producers have pulled out. Now actors and actresses like myself are producing and we need money. All we need is sponsorship. They should push money in our industry for us to boost it. The movie industry needs money so that we can work more.

Generally, how was last year?

Last year was epic for me. A lot of good things happened to me career wise. I shot my first movie in America with the award-winning Nigerian director, Mr Lancelot Oduwa, in Houston Texas. I also won an international award in Houston, Afro Heritage and Broadcast Entertainment Awards. I modelled for Hollywood superstar, Rihanna XFenty 2017 collection in New York at the New York Fashion Week. I hosted a couple of awards in Nigeria. A lot happened last year.

Your latest photos are everywhere on the internet. You didn’t pose wild as you used too. What happened to you?

I am glad my few photos are everywhere on internet. That was the expectation and yes these pictures are different from all my other pictures. It shows the new me. The new Ella Mensah, the mature Ella who now believes less is more. I think people love this side of me, the soft and calm Ella Mensah.

What does branding mean to Ella?

Branding is telling people who you are, what you represent and creating a unique name. And I believe I am positioning myself in that regard.

How do you want people to remember you?

I want people to remember as the girl who never gave up even after everyone around her told her to. The ambitious lady who went after her dream regardless of what anyone thought of her. The go-getter Ella Mensah.

How far have you gone to work on how people should remember you?

I’ve really come far when it comes to how I want people to remember me for, because now, everyone one; my fans, friends and family know I am very ambitious and a go-getter. I left my country to another to pursue my dream and now here I am. It’s obvious, everyone can see it.

If you have to play yourself in a movie what character will that be?

If I have to play myself in a movie, the role I will play will be ‘The Brave Girl’, the lady who went for her dreams against all odds.

What do you say to people who say Ella is crazy?

Honestly, nobody has ever called me crazy and I’ m not crazy, so I have no idea where this is coming from.

What has Ella been up too?

I have been up to a lot lately from filming to presenting awards, to modelling, to anchoring events. I have been very busy working.

Any big budget production we have not heard about yet?

Yes…I shot a big budget cinema movie late last year with some African actresses from Sierra Leone, Malawi, South Africa, Mali, Nigeria and, of course, Ghana (me). I am waiting for it to come out soon.

What should we watch out for this year?

This year is even going to be better. My team and I are going to work even harder this year. Everyone should just watch out for the brand Ella Mensah.

Is Ella married? If no when is she settling down?

No, I am not married yet…soon. I will announce it. I am still working on it.

What is your opinion on this adage that marrying a comedian does not guarantee a happy marriage?

Obviously, marrying a comedian won’t guarantee a happy marriage because marriage in its own is a serious business.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50   Email: [email protected])



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