Alsale Services launches first anti-counterfeit machines in Ghana

Leading  suppliers of money counting machines, cash processing systems and office equipment in Ghana, Alsale services has launched is the very first anti-counterfeit SB9 money counting machine in Ghana. 

Managing director, Ahmad Adade Boakye said the move is a “breakthrough in Ghana’s money counting era. With this machine, businesses are assured of being secured from sophisticated counterfeit currencies be they foreign or local currencies,” Ahmad Adade Boakye revealed to Joy Business.

So far, the Financial and Intelligence Centre (FIC), says there is more to be done to combat cases of money laundering in Ghana

“Ghana will be subjected to a mutual evaluation by the inter-governmental action group against money laundering in West Africa.

This a west African regional body responsible for facilitating the adoption and implementation of international standards as regards money laundering and terrorist financing in the west African sub-region.

The mutual evaluation will seek whether the necessary laws required under the essential criteria are in force and effective and that the Anti-Monetary Laundering (AML) Counter Financing Terrorism (CFT) systems as implemented by all institutions, are effective.

We must therefore ensure that we put our house in order.” Samuel Thompson Essel has revealed.

He also hinted that the company will be listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange by 2023.

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