NSIAH ASANTE on Stonebwoy, a Mockery of Charity in the Arts

Nsiah Asante writes- I paid my kid’s school fees at KSTS earlier this week and it was GHS 750, if I recall right. That was tough on me! So when I woke up yesterday to news that BET Award-winner, Stonebwoy, as part of his Livingstone Foundation, had paid the school fees of 5 final year students at his Alma mater, Tema Methodist Day Senior High School-MEDASS, I felt happy for the caretakers of those kids. To Stonebwoy, this is not the first time and if all celebs were to take it up and do same, it’s going to be a good thing. Earlier this month, he  donated an undisclosed amount to an amputee at the St. Joseph Hospital in Koforidua as part of his corporate social responsibility towards his beloved nation. It is my hope that the celebs cashing in big time toe that line.

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What I cannot seem to fathom is why he paraded those kids, took photos and shared them on social media. What exactly was he trying to achieve? That the kids could not pay their school fees? That their caretakers owe him for the gesture? That he has done something good and needed applauds? That we she forget about how he vandalized Beatz Dakay’s studio over some alleged money sharing?  Whatever his reasons were, I pray he finds peace in them.

Whatever the motive was, I strongly believe that if he did not solicit those funds from social media users, he had no reason to go around parading those kids and mocking their caretakers. Of course, he has a reason, if he intends to make publicity out of it. But then again, what is the essence of giving out if you are just going to ‘flaunt’ it on social media. In any case, what is the worth of GHS 750*5 to the musician?

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Personally, I think Stonebwoy mocked and desecrated the idea of charity, if that was even charity to begin with.

Of course, I have no concerns, whatsoever if the donation was made to an institution. Making it public in that case becomes important for accountability purpose ( remember the St. Joseph hospital extortion scandal?). However, donations made to the poor, needy and vulnerable, only mocks the foundation of charity when you decide to make the whole world know.

I hope Stonebwoy takes a cue from this the next time he decides to donate to such people.


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