Incoming AG to expeditiously recover Woyome's judgement debt, others

Attorney General (AG) designate Gloria Akuffo has reiterated calls that all judgement debts would be reviewed including Woyome’s.

Although she could not provide Parliament’s Appointment Committee at her vetting Saturday exactly when she would recoup the nation’s money lost through payment of judgement debts, she promised to work fast to ensure it’s done.

Speaking specifically regarding recovering the nation’s GHC51.2 million from businessman Alfred Agbesi Woyome, she said, “…as I understand it, judgement has been entered for the refund of the money.”

“Efforts to recover the money have been inundated with many applications. My understanding is that the execution process has been stalled with all these processes,” she said promising that, “I will go to the office and look at it.”

The astute lawyer who served as President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s deputy when he served as Attorney General in the Kufuor government had promised hours after her nomination that she would want to immediately resolve judgement debt cases that the state cannot contest.

She also said she would make recommendations for payment adding “it is important that you get to know the full list of what is on the books [regarding such debts].”

The Supreme Court in 2014 ordered Mr. Woyome to pay back ¢51.2 million fraudulently taken from the state, after Martin Amidu, a former Attorney General challenged the legality of the judgment debt paid the businessman, Waterville, and Isofoton.

Following delays in retrieving the money, the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision granted the Attorney-General clearance to execute the court’s judgment ordering Mr. Woyome to refund the cash to the state.

It has since been a long battle with the immediate past AG, Marrieta Brew-Oppong to retrieve the states’ money from Mr Woyome money. 

The controversial case which seems to be an albatross around the necks of AG’s over time got the incoming AG saying “I will put my best foot forward and when I get to the office I will look at what’s best for the office.” 

However, she was quick to add that “I cannot make categorical undertakings that if you give me approval tomorrow I can retrieve the money because this is a matter which is subject to litigation. I can only say that when I get there, I will study the file and see how quickly we can recover the money.” 

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