Nana King left Ghana because he was frustrated – Nana Queen

Nana Queen, rapper and wife of Nana King, has revealed that her husband left Ghana for the United States because he was frustrated.

Known in real life as Precious Jewel Tubman-Konadu, Nana Queen explained to Joy News’ Doreen Avio that Ghanaians were not ready to receive the kind of music he did at the time and this pushed him to relocate.

“When Nana King first started with the hiplife sometime in 1998, 1999 and 2000 he was doing more RnB and stuff. At that time, Ghanaians were not ready for that. They still did jama, so at some point and he got frustrated,” she explained.

Nana King and Nana Queen both owned the record label, Ashanti International and were noted for working together. One of the main acts from their label was Ex-Doe.

The rapper gave her opinion on the current trend of music and how much of a different turn the contents seem to have taken.

“Trust me they (current musicians) have done extremely well. It’s really great. It’s just that some of the songs are really vulgar,” she noted.

She recounted how difficult it was for musicians, including herself, to use certain uncensored words in their lyrics back then but are freely used now.

The Liberian-born rapper, Nana Queen has played major roles in popularising songs like ‘Linda’ by Batman (now Samini), Akyeame’s ‘Paradise’, Azigiza’ ‘Abena remix’, some old songs of VIP and Arabians.

She is looking forward to coming back into the music industry after a long break.





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