I Sold ‘Obroni Wawu’ For Food – Adu Safowaah

Adu Safowaah

Actress Adu Safowaah has revealed a startling tale of how she ended up on Ghanaian TV screens years after selling second-hand clothing, mostly known as ‘obroni wawu’ for a living.

According to her, she used to sell used clothing at Kantamanta market in Accra.

The beautiful actress who has featured in about 15 movies and TV commercials told NEWS-ONE’s Francis Addo that she had customers from various universities, including Central University, Methodist University and University of Ghana students.

It was her clients from the University of Ghana who actually advised her to go into showbiz.

Below is Adu Safowaah’s interview with NEWS-ONE:

You were with ex-President John Kufuor in one of your Instagram posts.

My meeting with ex-President Kufuor was an honour to me. I visited him to present some of my awards I won so far to him.

I have a strong passion for politics and at some point of my life I will venture fully into it. My household loves one political party but when I am ready I will join which one I love.

What do you think about entertainers going into politics? 

I think it is not safe. Politics is a different ball game… In politics, people will hurt you because you belong to another political party and it will divide your fan base as an entertainer…. So it’s best to belong to one of the two. It’s either you are an entertainer or a politician at a point but not both at the same time. It is not safe.

Did you endorse any political party ahead of the December election?

I had a clear opportunity to endorse one political party which I had so many guru friends in. But my spiritual father whom I discussed everything with told me Nana Akufo-Addo will win by 53 over percent….. So I stayed off because every prophesy he tells me comes to pass and he is a true prophet of God.

Have politicians done enough for this country?

Politicians have a lot to do for Ghana because we have a lot of resources to achieve the best. Let’s see what the new government will do. I wish them all the best.

What’s up with Adu Safowaah? 

God is good. Adu Safowaah is doing well. My fans tell me; ‘Adu Safowaah to the globe’ and it keeps me going….. Very soon I will also be releasing my self-produced TV series; Shocki and ready to go on set for some new projects. God is bringing loads to me because we are praying hard and well.

How was the year 2016 for you? 

2016 was a great year…. It opened doors I never thought of. I won best dressed celebrity at the red carpet of AELA Awards 2016 in Nigeria and they sponsored me to Kampala, Uganda for the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards which was big.  2016 was simply a great year.

What were your most memorable moments of 2016?

My most memorable moments of 2016 were when I was selected among legends of my passion to match for Ghana during the independence celebration because it was first time entertainers were involved in such… It was history and I was the youngest among the likes of Agya Koo, Kyeiwaa, Kwaku Manu, etc. Any time I remember…I tell myself God almighty has opened me extraordinary doors.

Tell me about yourself and how entered the entertainment industry?

I am God-fearing, energetic and above all focused on my desires and nothing else. I am currently a student of Alliance Française, studying French. I am Panafest brand ambassador, brand image for Adonko Bitters and a TV presenter as well. I was a second-hand clothing seller at Kantamanto. I had customers across universities, including Central University, Methodist University and University of Ghana, Legon, etc. So my Legon customers told me to venture into entertainment and that is how it all started.

What have you done so far?

It is my fourth year in the entertainment industry and I have nine awards to my credit. I have featured in about 15 movies. I’m in commercials shown on most TV channels as Adom TV, Kantanka TV, CinéPlus TV, etc. I will soon release my TV series, called Shocki TV series.

Have you always wanted this career?

I have always dreamt acting with Genevieve and Desmond but never thought of taking it anywhere because I knew no one. But it is a good venture because it has exposed me to life and a lot. Meeting people from different shades….. God is good.

What criticisms do you receive from followers?
Some say I am too new to be clocking deals. Like when I was used for Adonko Bitters billboards almost all over Ghana… I had so many funny text messages from strange numbers I do not know. And some said I used juju. But I wish they know the God of Abraham as I do.

Have you been hit by a scandal before?

I don’t recollect any scandal because I barely involve myself with anything. I am me and God has blessed me with inner peace. That is all that matters to me.

Do you feel wrongly judged?

No. We all have our opinions. How we perceive everything. It simply we should please God almighty and nothing else.

Who do you look up in this business?

Sincerely, I look up to God almighty and myself to cross enviable boundaries. The things I dream of take only God almighty to make it happen. Moreover, from my point of life now and how I have lived to know God. It will be hard for me to look up to a mortal.

Your educational background? 

I am a past student of Prince Boateng Memorial School. I also attended Aggrey Memorial School before entering into University College of Management Studies and now at Alliance Française, Accra, studying French.

Married? If not, who is your dream man?

I am single but I hope to know my husband through God…through his prophets… He God will deliver him in his own time. My husband by God will be a good man.

What do you do for leisure?

I listen to music a lot.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50  Email: fdee500@yahoo.com)


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