I stopped drinking alcohol after a bad experience – Allure CEO

CEO and Founder of Allure Beauty Spa has revealed that she put a stop to a habit of drinking alcohol after a bad experience.

Dzibordzi Kwaku Dosoo made the revelation while speaking about her ‘Damascus experience’ on This Is Gospel with Franky 5 on Hitz FM.

Mrs Dosoo started life in God’s ministry before she travelled to the USA but quickly relapsed into doing worldly things, she said.

Speaking on the show, she shared a story of her days in the university in the US in the 1990s where she joined her friends to attend a party on a seven-hour journey in another state.

According to her, they had to take turns to drive even though they were all drunk that day. A friend drove for two hours and she had to drive the rest of the journey back to school.

“The only way I survived the journey was to drink a bottle of vodka and every few minutes I would be sleeping so I would take a shot in the bottle and put it under my chair and that had never happened in my life before,” she narrated.

Mrs Dosoo who says she was exposed to alcohol at an early age because she was the only girl among eight boys and used to have alcohol any time she followed her brothers out, didn’t know how she got to her room in the school that day.

“From the day I woke up, I just decided not to touch alcohol again and that was around 1990-1993,” she said.  



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