AFCON 2017: Avram Grant won't wear lucky blue shirt at Gabon

Black Stars head coach Avram Grant has confirmed he won’t be wearing his magic blue shirt at the 2017 Africa cup of nations in Gabon but says he is looking for a new ‘good luck’ shirt for the tournament.

Avram Grant became popular among African fans in 2015 with his blue shirt which he reveals his wife says it was ugly.

Ghana progressed to the finals in Equatorial Guinea after Grant opted for blue shirt following the first game defeat at the hands of Senegal which he wore a black shirt.

And he has since been wearing the blue shirt for Black Stars games.

The former Chelsea and West Ham United boss insisted he is not superstitious but was told by Ghana FA President to keep wearing the shirt at the tournament.

“The Blue shirt served me very well by the way. I remember that I wore the blue shirt in the last moment and my wife called me and said what is it with this shirt and I said we lost the match but then we won against Algeria and she said okay stay with that,” he told 3Sports

‘’And, the President asked me what does your wife want from you and told him she said the shirt is ugly. Then he said don’t change we won. Now we need another shirt,” he added.


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