I Want To Be Rich Not Look Rich- Khareemah Aguiar

Khareemah Aguiar

Popular Ghanaian actress Khareemah Aguiar has been talking about ‘successful life’ and says her ultimate dream whilst growing up was to be a wealthy woman.

The 30-year-old who built her first house at age 28 currently has two companies and other businesses in town. She is also a mother of two and is believed to be living a peaceful life.

The ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ actress in an inspirational message she shared on her social media pages on Monday credited her success to God.

Khareemah said, “I am inspired by my own story and what fascinates me about my story is a man wasn’t the fundamental push but God was and he will still be.”

“Sometimes I feel I don’t praise God enough. Sometimes I feel I dwell too much on irrelevant things that bring nothing to the table. As an orphan, I registered my first consultancy at 19, bought my first car at 20, had my first child at 22, registered my second company, started my acting career alongside schooling as well as radio, built my first house at 28, registered my NGO, added a new line of business to my work,had my second child at 29…at 30 now and even though it hasn’t been all smooth,I still know I’ve done well for myself and God has been good to me
Of course, there are people my age who have achieved more and or have achieved less but you see,we all have different stories to tell, I’m inspired by my own story and what fascinates me about my story is A MAN wasn’t the fundamental push but God was and he will still be….As long as you keep it straight and you don’t hurt none I believe the bad times will come but they won’t last forever,as well the higher height you reach,the devil comes along but don’t look back,” she added.

“God has plans for everybody no matter where you are coming from,or which family you hail from…it is what it is,it shall come to pass just believe…My ultimate aim in life is to get rich but not to look rich or prove to people how rich I am,” she continued.
“I am still a work in progress. God is going to change your situation soon, believe it! This is not to prove nothing to anyone, it’s just to inspire that one person who needed this,” she explained.
“Forgive me Lord for not thanking you enough but from today, no matter what I go through, good or bad,Your praise will forever be on my lips. Let’s inspire the youth more and not bring them down by our so-called social media lifestyles,” she added.

Khareemah remains one of Ghana’s award winning actresses. Otherwise called Reeree by her friends, she starred in the ‘All That Glitters’ series on TV3 in 2005 and she has since not looked back.

By Francis Addo (Twitter: @fdee50 Email: [email protected] )

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