Family Vows To Contest Death Of Daughter

Dzigbordi Lily

The family of a 16-year-old final year student of Achimota Senior High School who died at a friend’s house has raised issues about the exact cause of her death.

The deceased, Lily Dzigbordi Asigbetse, was said to have left home to go pay her school fees at the bank but ended up at her friend’s house, where she was hit by a stray firecracker, a friend of the victim claims.

But relatives of Asigbetse doubted the story as told by her friend whose name has been withheld.

They believed that their daughter was hit by a stray bullet and not firecrackers as being reported.

Narrating the incident, a member of the bereaved family, Peggy Ama Donkor said: “She (Asigbetse) left home to go pay her fees at the bank and ended up at a friend’s house in Tema. I had just closed from work and had a call to come to the 37 Military Hospital because she had been rushed to the theatre. When I got there, I met the guy’s parents and [his] mother told us that our daughter was hit by a stray firecracker. But after thorough investigation, it came out that it was rather a gunshot.”

Ms Donkor added that the autopsy and reports from the police indicated that Asigbetse died from a bullet from a pump action gun and not from a firecracker.

She alleged that the mother of the accused argued that the gun was registered.

“What we are saying is that how did your son get the gun and if the gun was registered does it guarantee that if it is used to shoot somebody the person should go scot-free?” she asked.

“They cooked up a story because they wanted us to believe it was a firecracker,” she said on Accra-based Class FM.

“We are going to take this case to whatever extent we can. We will not let it go, we want the logical conclusion to this story. We want it to serve as a deterrent to parents who have guns at home and don’t hide it out of the reach of their children. And for some parents who think they have connections and money so they can buy their way through, we are not going to let this story go,” she said.



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