Disciplinary Committee orders Eastern Region Middle league game between Unique FC and Phar Rangers FC to be replayed

The Eastern Regional Division Two Middle League game involving Unique FC and Phar Rangers FC will be replayed.

This decision comes after a ruling by the Eastern Regional Football Association Disciplinary Committee.

The Eastern Regional Division Two Middle League final took place on the 22nd of December 2016 between Phar Rangers FC and Unique FC at the Akim-Oda sports stadium.

This match was to determine which club among the two would be promoted to Division 1 Zone 3. 

The match in question ended abruptly because the Middle League Committee of the ERFA contravened their own Special Regulations established to govern the middle league competition in particular article 2.5 which stipulates that; ” the winner of the final playoff shall gain autonomic promotion to the appropriate zone of the national division one league. 

In the event that there is still a tie after 90 minutes of the regulation time, there shall be a straight penalty shootout to determine the winner of the final playoff game “.

However the game which started well started degenerating into absurdity when a Phar Rangers key player by name Daniel Odei was dubiously given a red card just 5 minutes into the second half. 

The game ended 0-0 after the 90 minutes of regulation time and to the surprise of all, the match officials and the middle league committee ordered the teams to start an extra time of 30 mins contrary to what the regulations say. 

Five minutes to the end of extra time, the referee again dubiously awarded unique FC a penalty.

 Phar Rangers walked off which consequently resulted in unique Fc filing a protest against Phar Rangers for forfeiture of the match. 

Phar Rangers responded and also filed a counter protest against the ERFA for going against their own regulations.

 The disciplinary committee ruled on 4th January in agreement with Phar Rangers that the said abrupt end of the match was not caused by Phar Rangers because the extra time played was illegal.

 They therefore ordered the middle league committee to organise a replay of the match under the regulations within 7 days.

The ERFA and the parties involved must meet and settle on a date for the game between Unique FC and Phar Rangers FC.

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