Nyantakyi: Nii Lante Vanderpuije is a big disappointment

The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Kwesi Nyantakyi has described outgoing Sports Minister Nii Lantey Vanderpuije as a big disappointment to the Youth and Sports Ministry and cannot wait for his exit as it would be good riddance.

According to FIFA executive council member, Vanderpuije’s tenure has been nothing to write home about except causing the retrogression of all the national teams especially the Black Stars which has ‘’taken a deep dive into the ocean and is yet to come out’’

The Black Stars have failed to impress and are on the brink of missing out on qualification to the 2018 FIFA World Cup after a poor start.

‘’He is supposed to know how to go about his work, I am not in the position to tell him how to do his work but his mode of operation was entirely alien to what we (GFA) knew to the extent that you realize anytime budget estimate was sent to him he will leak it to the media before engaging us’’

‘’Anytime he wants to have a meeting with the GFA he will tell the media before he engaged us so it became disadvantageous to even engage. Because how will you engage a person who is unreceptive to advice and any constructive criticism or suggestion you want to put across’’

‘’He is all knowing and all in all and he is entitled to take correct and wrong decisions but at the end of the day the nation was suffering under his tenure.. Look at the performance of the Black Stars, it has taken a deep dive into the ocean and yet is to come out’’

“Maybe it is good that he will not be the minister after the January 7, else the Black Stars and all the national teams would have lost the spectacle and all the shine that we all know about them”

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