Fresh Attacks Hit Dr. Obeng …Accuses Colleague Of Sabotage


Dr. Dominic Kwame Obeng-Andoh

The tug-of-war between the Registrar of the Ghana Medical and Dental Council (MDC) on one hand and Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh owner of Obengfo Hospital is getting personal.

According to Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh, the registrar is embarking on a personal agenda against him by making defamatory and malice-filled statements in sections of the media to make him look like some kind of a quack.

He said the recent visitations by the police to the Advanced Bodysculpt Centre of the Obengfo Hospital on the instructions of the Registrar of the Council Dr. Eli Kwesi Atikpui were part of the agenda to force him out of the profession.

Patients including celebrities and other high-profile Ghanaians have been attesting to what can be described as mouth-watering transformations due to the unique artistic way excessive fats from the body are withdrawn without being cut but the registrar insists that Dr. Obeng Andoh is not licensed to conduct such a procedure.


Giving the genesis of the issues, Dr. Obeng Andoh said “Dr. Eli Kwesi Atikpui himself filed a complaint at the Medical and Dental Council of which he is a part that I was advertising unfairly and in performing countless hernia surgeries around 2010,” adding that “So he together with the MDC sat on the case without even inviting me to defend their concocted false charge and succeeded in sentencing me from the medical profession for three years in 2012 for having a sign board that had a hernia drawing on when my clinic was located in Mataheko, Accra.”

“I was never invited as natural justice demands even to defend myself against the bogus charge but they passed a one-sided judgment in my absence saying that I should be suspended from practice. I saw my lawyer and we filed an appeal at the High Court.”

Dr. Obeng Andoh said “the court then asked the MDC to file their so-called proceedings that led to the decision to suspend me but they didn’t and haven’t been able to defend their bogus judgment against me till date. The case is still pending.”

He said since then, the registrar has been condemning him through the media at the least opportunity saying “he calls me a quack Doctor and asked everybody not to come to my clinic.”

Dr. Obeng Andoh further said “he asked Accra Reginal CID to come and arrest me when an appeal against that bogus suspension had been filed at the court which meant that they had no right to follow through with their orchestrated suspension and should have left me alone to work.”

He said that again in 2013 “I heard Dr. Eli Kwesi Atikpui attacking me in the media that I only have a medical licence that allowed me to do only consultations and had teamed up with some journalists and some doctors in publishing false, fabricated stories that I was actually killing unnamed clients in my clinic when in actual fact no such medical misconduct nor negligence had ever been found against me.”

He said when Dr. Stephen Opuni was at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA, the registrar allegedly used the authority to harass him (Dr. Obeng Andoh) without any justification.

“He teamed up with Dr. Opuni who is believed to be his classmate to arrest me on a false charge of advertising on a hernia surgery,” adding “after the needless arrest and the false charge the case was never heard.”

He said as a result of the registrar’s pronouncements against him in the media, “I had to sue Multi media, CEO KwesiTwum, Manesseh AzuriAwuni, and Seth Frimpong Boateng and late Isaac Yeboah of P&P in the process for publishing defamatory stories about me and Obengfo Hospital. The case is still pending.”

He said the Council has continuously rejected his application for renewal of licence without justification since he took them on in court.

“From 2012 till date I have all my certificates and money available, but they will not accept my application and turn around to make me look bad in the eyes of the public,” he complained.

He said some elements in the council are using the police to harass him even without any express orders of the court saying “No medical negligence nor misconduct has ever been found against me in my medical practice in any of the thousands of surgical procedures done by me both in Ghana or internationally.”

“Most of my clients are highly educated and know what they want. Celebrities, journalists, doctors, pastors, pastors’ wives, doctors’ wives, lawyers, Chiefs, beauticians, politicians and the like. No death, no Life-threatening complications have been caused through my surgical practice in my hospital. I can boast of very successful outcome of surgery with the over 20 thousand surgical procedures in my highly esteemed hospital.”

By William Yaw Owusu




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