Patient Traumatized Over Police Harassment

Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh – Owner of Obengfo Hospital

An attempt by some plain-clothed police officers and  an official from the Ghana Medical and Dental Council (MDC) to take over a privately run medical facility in Accra last week has left a patient traumatized.

One of the patients, who pleaded anonymity, said she almost fainted when the police stormed the premises of the Advanced Bodysculpt Centre of the Obengfo Hospital at Weija Junction, Accra on the orders of the MDC to forcibly convey the patients to the 37 Military Hospital.

There has been rancor between the Registrar of the council Dr. Eli Atikpui and Dr. Dominic Obeng Andoh who operates Obengfo Hospital over the renewal of his medical licence to operate the facility.

The Advanced Bodysculpt Centre is renowned for pioneering the first-ever Advanced Liposuction and other procedures in Ghana at the Obengfo Hospital. High-profile persons and some celebrities have commended the critical transformation due to the unique artistic way in which excessive fats from the body are withdrawn without being cut.

But the registrar insists that Dr. Obeng Andoh is not licenced to conduct such procedures.

One of the patients recounted how a medical doctor- one Dr. Darkwa from the Medical and Dental Council 37 Military Hospital accompanied the police officers to her ward and ‘struck fear’ in her.

She said, “I had just arrived at the ward from the theatre and was trying to rest because of the pains and all of a sudden they stormed the ward and ordered me to prepare to be moved to 37 Hospital.”

“The female doctor who had accompanied the police officers said my doctor will not be around and that it was in my own interest to accompany them.”

“I demanded to speak to my doctor but they refused and when I insisted I was not going anywhere, they said they were going to forcibly remove me because they had an ambulance parked outside.”

“I was scared I did not know what was happening and they kept telling me something could happen to me if I did not go with them,” adding “that was when I almost fainted and they had to give me water to drink to calm my nerves.”

“They mounted pressure on me to leave and at a point I had to break down in tears forcing the female police officer to assure me that they were not going to carry out their threats to remove me and all the other patients.”

She said that as a result, she was not able to sleep for three days because she feared that they might strike again.

Dr. Obeng Andoh was kept in his office by two policemen who insisted he should follow them to the Police Station.

Dr. Obeng Andoh later told DAILY GUIDE that the whole episode was masterminded by the MDC registrar and said it had been happening over the years.

“He once filed a complaint against me before the council and made himself the complainant, so he was acting as a referee and a player at the same time which is clearly against the rules.”

“I had to appeal to overturn the decision to suspend me in court and that might have complicated matters.”

He said what transpired last week at his facility should be condemned by all and said his harassment was getting out of hand.

“How can you evacuate patients without the involvement of the doctor in charge? There was no need to take such consequential action because they clearly put my patients in danger.”

“I feel harassed, rejected and terribly shocked that all my rights as a qualified medical practitioner can be so infringed upon and this latest development makes me feel so ashamed to be part of a noble profession like the medical profession.”





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