Mirror Ball Returns

Some patrons at the event

There was no other way to crown five years of an unforgettable ride like that of Ghana’s iconic old school party – The Mirror Ball.

An undeniably high turnout of the finest ladies in the land naturally brought out the gentlemen of calibre to enjoy an unforgettable experience of nostalgic sound only those allowed out in the 70s, 80s and 90s can appreciate.

A sea of white clad revelers filled the Damba 3 Hall of the La Palm Royal Beach Resort on Christmas night to mark the return of their favourite monthly old school jam.

On arrival, the sheer volume of cars in the parking lot could have been intimidating to the heart that had not had any warm goodies all day.  The Mirror Ball had gone on a short but well deserved break since September 2016 and so for an appetite generated over three months, it is perfectly understandable the manner in which the guests fully immersed themselves into the party.

At last, the thirst quenching sequences of memorable hits delivered by DJ Blow filled the room and the party engaged Accra’s finest till the early dawn.

Despite the volumes of tracks played from the older eras, it must be stated for the record that the most phenomenal response from the dance floor was registered when the song ‘Onaapo’ burst from the speakers.

The jubilation was massive, as the occasion also represented the first real chance to celebrate what was a long fought battle for electoral victory on the political front. The beauty of Ghana a few weeks after such robust competition all back to fun and camaraderie is a beautiful thing we must cherish about our red, gold and green selves.

Since September 2011, this unique experience has become etched on the minds of a large constituency of premium party people, and the tradition surely continued as it matured into what is now the sixth year of its existence.

“Our brand has proven to be well woven together going on six years.  We owe this to a lot of hard work as well as the due recognition and patronage by our esteemed clientele whose energy and passion help ensure the superior ambience that is associated with the Mirror Ball,” Edwin Baffour, a partner at Tag Team, said.

Guests can look forward to an exciting year ahead as the event plans to provide more innovation in the quest for that ultimate evening experience out with friends and family.

The Mirror Ball is put together by Tag Team and Legacy Hotels & Resorts and supported by Starr 103.5FM.

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