13 Graduate From PCG Children’s Service

The graduands in a group photograph with Philip Nii Boye Lartey (extreme right). Others are Emmanuel Torgbor Laryea (left) and two top members of the church

Eight females and five males on Sunday, January 1, graduated from the Children’s Service of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) at the Resurrection Power Preaching Point of the church, Afuaman, under the Amasaman District, Accra.

Following the graduation ceremony, the children had been promoted to join the Junior Youth (JY) group.

The graduands had been taken through some basic tenets of the Christian faith in relation to the Presbyterian Church, by Emmanuel Torgbor Laryea, Sandrah Bekulai Quartey and David Gorleku.

The Catechist in-charge of the Afuaman Preaching Point, Philip Nii Boye Lartey, admonished the children to cling to God and always live by the lessons they had been taught.

In a sermon, Mr Lartey charged Christians to make love their cardinal principle. “Serving God should reflect in service to one’s neighbour. If a person claims to love God and hates his or her neighbour that person is a liar. How can you hate or despise someone you see and claim that you love God?” he wondered.

Touching on the theme for the sermon – “Stewards of God’s Blessing,” – Mr Lartey made it emphatically clear that whatever role one is given to play in the church as a Christian, one must not relent in shouldering that responsibility, adding that at the appointed time God will surely reward everybody according to their work.

He stated that if Christians will resolve to obey God and walk in His ways, He will bless them as well as the country. By so doing, he pointed out, Ghana will develop on all fronts.

Mr Boye Lartey deplored the attitude of some believers who go to church only on certain occasions, stressing that “Church going is not like going to school where the shift system is operated. We don’t run shifts in the church. Be closer to God all the time and He will bless you abundantly.”

He noted that most Ghanaians work very hard but earn a little. However, “if God’s hand is in the little that you earn, you can do a lot with it; and so place God first in your New Year resolutions or plans,” he entreated.

By Peter Atiemo


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