Rappers Bow to FlowKing Stone as the Best African Rapper for ‘Rapping Drum’ Video

Rappers Bow to FlowKing Stone as the Best African Rapper for  ‘Rapping Drum’ Video

Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone awed at the song and even sent it to his mother; Okyeame Kwame called it the dopest video ever made; Cabum saw the tension in it; Wanlov called it greatness. These are few of the many endorsements of FlowKing Stone as the BEST AFRICAN RAPPER following the release of his ‘Rapping Drums’ music video.

The BEST AFRICAN RAPPER gave a pure representation of Rap and hiphop done the African way and by far, it is the first of its kind ever made. It incorporates the various dance ensembles from the different tribes of Ghana. Ranging from Damba, to Adowa, Kete, Agbadja etc. and he literally rapped to the rhythm of the dance ensembles.

The sonThe song has placed FlowKing Stone at a position where the Best African Rapper title is inevitable in whatever context his name is mentioned.

From his “Gifted Album”, Flowking Stone gifts the Rapping Drums, produced under the Adowa Rhythm and Genre. See the video for yourself:

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