4 Reasons why you Need to Follow Teacher Kwadwo on Social Media

4 Reasons why you Need to Follow Teacher Kwadwo on Social Media

If you are on social media and you aren’t following Micheal Owusu Afriyie, aka Teacher Kwadwo, then I’m sorry, you really are missing out on the action. Gh comedy is finally seeing some originality and love for indigenous African content through the sensational Teacher Kwadwo. I just came across his Facebook page, Teacher Kwadwo and I decided to share four reasons why you NEED to follow him ASAP!

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He represents true Ghanaian comedy

See, forget about what these LAFA comedians try to do which half the time, which ends up disgracing them. Following Teacher Kwadwo, I have come to the realization that everything he represents is Ghanaian– from politics through to entertainment. He speaks flawlessly like a linguist, i bet he was bred in a royal home.

He has no boundaries

No matter whom is affected in an issue, trust Teacher Kwadwo to lash out at him/her. He is a Kumasi boy, a loyal one as such. Recently, Achipalago went hard at folks who were dissing Mzbel and the way Teacher Kwadwo scolded him was just amazing.

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His comic is the first in Ghana

Teacher Kwadwo is not just playing the comical card, but really discussing societal issues— love, sex, hate and all the realities you experience on daily basis but scared to talk about. In recent times, he makes videos in a spoof manner— trying to interview personalities using their old videos. It has never been done in this hilarious way in Ghana before.

He is a fine gentleman

I gathered that he actually is a professional teacher and truth be told, this guy does not need to be in action to make you happy. Everything he says or does on social media is an automatic comic relief. Recently, he was pitched against O.B in a Kumasi vs Accra and Teacher vs Doctor battle. I am sure those two times were the few things social media actually got lit this year.

Teacher is my man of the year.

This is one his works. Enjoy



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